Welcome to Perucho Organic Farm

The POAE Project is based in the village of Perucho, 30 km Northwest of Quito, Ecuador, in South America. The village was founded by the Spanish in 1546 and it is located at 1833 meters above sea level. The temperature varies from 20oC to 30oC (78oF – 95oF).

The natural vegetation is a subtropical dry forest. We do not have summer or winter; instead, there is a rainy season and a dry season. The rainy season lasts from September to April, although rain is very rare (less than 1000 mm/ year). Some of the crops cultivated in our area are: cherimoya, avocados, guava, bananas, coffee, vegetables, medicinal plants, flowers, etc. There are natural landscapes to explore such as mountains, and rivers (CuvĂ­, PerlavĂ­ and Guayllabamba). There are also archaeological sites at a distance of one hour by foot.
Wildlife is represented by coyotes, falcons, owls, vultures, rabbits, opossums, squirrels, frogs, armadillos, bats, butterflies, and a great variety of insects and reptiles.
We work in our little farm and with neighbouring small farmers which are in the process of converting farms to Organic Agriculture. One of the objectives of the project is to improve farmer's quality of life and stop the excessive use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Interns can share experiences with the farmers and help them implement best practices on agroecology and organic production.


  1. Amazing initiative, I wish to go there soon to share knowledge, get involve with the community and help the farmers in their hard job....Congratulations Michael and all your team!


    1. Thank you Nathalia for your comments. hugs to you and your family.

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